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What is your technology based on?

ONLYOFFICE Online Editor is a brand new level in online document processing. It is the first editor built in HTML5 taking advantage of the Canvas abilities while all other existing online editors use HTML4.

How will the documents look in different browsers?

Formatting and content loss are common problems for other online editors when it comes to conversion, viewing and editing files in different formats and browsers. We use Canvas - a part of HTML5 - to gain 100% equality. This element allows for getting free access to pixels and independent text drawing. This is why the document looks the same in any browser and any format.

What about large files? Will they work alright?

All the existing online editors fail to upload, view and zoom large files and images. We've created an absolutely new architecture code that makes ONLYOFFICE Online Editor as powerful as a desktop editor when working with large documents, paging and zooming.

Are the features limited compared with desktop editors?

Most online document editors provide a very limited toolset. ONLYOFFICE Online Editor offers the enhanced feature-rich toolset, so you may get advantage of various fonts, styles and multiple line spacing as you are used to with your favourite desktop editor.

What formats of files I can edit?

You can edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations of the most popular formats: DOC, DOCX, ODT, RTF, TXT, XLS, XLSX, ODS, CSV, PPTX, PPT, ODP. While uploading or opening the file for editing, it will be converted to the Office Open XML format. It's done to speed up the file processing and increase the interoperability.

I still have issues with the documents. Where can I find more information?

Please feel free to read our Documents Troubleshooting section for more technical information about ONLYOFFICE documents or Online Editors section to learn how to perform different operations with the documents.