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Insert autoshapes

Insert an autoshape

  1. select the worksheet you want to put the shape onto,
  2. tap the Insert object icon at the top toolbar to open the new object insertion panel,
  3. switch to the Autoshape icon Shape tab,
  4. select one of the available autoshapes.

The selected autoshape will be added. Now you can change its properties and position.

Adjust the shape settings

  1. select the shape by tapping its border (the rectangular box around the shape should be displayed as a solid line),
  2. open the Shape settings panel by
    • tapping the Edit object icon at the top toolbar, or
    • tapping the Edit icon local option in the pop-up,
  3. tap the necessary menu item: Style, Replace or Reorder. Use the Return icon on the left to return to the previous settings section.

    The Style section contains the following three tabs:

    • Fill shape - to fill the inner space of the autoshape with a solid color. Swipe up to see all the palettes and tap the necessary color on the Theme colors or Standard colors palette or create your own Custom color. If you don't want to use any fill, tap the Without filling Without filling option.

      Shape Settings - Fill local

      to add a new Custom color, follow these steps:

      1. tap the Custom color icon in the Custom colors section.
      2. using the color palette, choose the necessary color and select its hue level,

        Custom color

      3. tap the OK button to apply the color to the selected text.

        The added color will also be placed in the Custom colors section, where the recently used custom colors are located.

    • Border style - to set the border Size by dragging the slider and select the border Color on the palette,
    • Effects - to set the Opacity level by dragging the slider. The default value is 100%. It corresponds to the full opacity. The 0% value corresponds to the full transparency.

    The Replace section allows to replace the current autoshape with another one selected from the menu.

    The Reorder section allows to to set the selected autoshape position as related to other objects when several objects overlap each other. To learn more, please refer to the Manipulate objects section of this guide.

  4. close the shape settings panel by tapping the Close settings panel arrow on the right.

Add text within the autoshape

  1. place the insertion point by by tapping inside the autoshape (the rectangular box around the shape should be displayed as a dashed line),
  2. start typing your text using the on-screen keyboard.

The text you add in this way becomes a part of the autoshape (when you move or rotate the shape, the text moves or rotates with it).

Shape with text

Remove the shape

Select the shape by tapping on it and proceed in one of the following ways:

  • tap the Delete icon local option in the pop-up menu, or
  • open the shape settings panel by tapping the Edit object icon at the top toolbar, swipe up and tap the Remove shape button.
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