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Insert endnotes

You can add endnotes to provide explanations or comments for certain sentences or terms used in your text, make references to the sources etc. that are displayed at end of the document

To insert an endnote into your document,

  1. position the insertion point at the end of the text passage that you want to add an endnote to,
  2. tap the Insert object icon at the top toolbar to open the new object insertion panel,
  3. switch to the Other tab Other tab,
  4. select the Endnote icon Endnote option.

    The endnote mark (i.e. the superscript character that indicates an endnote) appears in the document text in the following format: i, ii, iii,..., and the insertion point moves to the bottom of the current page.

  5. type in the endnote text.

Repeat the above mentioned operations to add subsequent endnotes for other text passages in the document. The endnotes are marked automatically.


To remove a single endnote, position the insertion point directly before the endnote mark in the document text and press Delete Delete. Other endnotes will be remarked automatically.

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