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Try in the cloud
Try in the cloud

Filling out a form

Fill out fillable forms

You can open and fill out PDF forms stored on your portal.

If a portal user shared the file with you, you can find this form in the Shared with me section. You can open the shared .pdf form for filling by clicking the file in the file list.

  • If the .pdf file is shared with the Form Filling rights, you can only fill out the form and submit it to send the form for further processing. Please note that this action cannot be undone. The form cannot be submitted until all required fields are filled in.
  1. tap the necessary field and fill in all the necessary fields. The mandatory fields are marked with red stroke.


  2. once the form is filled in, you can download it and save it on your device as a PDF file. Tap the Settings icon Settings icon in the right corner of the top toolbar, choose the Download option, select the necessary format, then choose the location and tap Save.
  3. to print the form, tap the Settings icon Settings icon in the right corner of the top toolbar and choose the Print option.
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