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DGET Function

The DGET function is one of the database functions. It is used to extract a single value from a column of a list or database that matches conditions that you specify.


DGET(database, field, criteria)

The DGET function has the following arguments:

Argument Description
database The range of cells that make up a database. It must contain column headings in the first row.
field An argument that specifies which field (i.e. column) should be used. It can be specified as a number of the necessary column, or the column heading enclosed in quotation marks.
criteria The range of cells that contain conditions. It must contain at least one field name (column heading) and at least one cell below that specifies the condition to be applied to this field in the database. The criteria cell range should not overlap the database range.


How to apply the DGET function.


The figure below displays the result returned by the DGET function.

DGET Function

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