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Documents is a module for storing, viewing, editing and sharing documents, images, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. It contains five sections:

  • My Documents Icon My Documents is a private storage space, each portal member (with the exception of guests) has this section where he can upload, import or create documents for personal use only;
  • Shared with Me Icon Shared with Me contains documents that were shared with a portal member by other members;
  • Common Documents Icon Common Documents is a common storage space containing files and folders available to all portal members;
  • Project Documents Icon Project Documents contains folders corresponding to existing projects and represents a storage place for all documents from the 'Projects' module;
  • Recycle Bin Icon Recycle Bin is a section where all deleted files are stored and can be restored or removed later.
It's also possible to access project documents within the 'Projects' module clicking the 'Documents' link at the left-side panel.

Adding/creating documents

To transfer all your files to the 'Documents' module, you can upload existing documents from your computer hard disk drive or integrate your, Dropbox, Google, OneDrive, SharePoint, Yandex account with the online office.

To upload a file,

  1. open the needed section or folder where you want to upload your files to by selecting corresponding options at the left-side panel,
  2. click the Upload button button in the left upper corner within the 'Documents' module,
  3. choose the files you want to upload to the online office in the Windows Explorer window and click the Open button.

Or simply drag-and-drop a file from your computer to the working area to upload it to your portal even more easily.

The uploading process will start, right after that the uploaded file(s) will be converted to the Office Open XML format. By default both files (file in original format + file in Office Open XML format ) are placed into the selected folder. If you don't need files in original format at the portal, you can uncheck the Upload the documents in original format as well box. It'll be taken into consideration during the next uploading operations and a converted file will be placed as a new revision of the original file rather than as a new separate file.

If the file with the same name already exists in the folder, a copy of the file will be created by default. If you wish to update the version of the existing file, click the Common Settings link from the Settings list on the left side panel and check the Update the file version for the existing file with the same name option. This parameter will be applied to all the files uploaded afterwards.
Uploading Files Uploading Files

To integrate your Box, Dropbox, Google, OneDrive, SharePoint, Yandex account with Documents, use the corresponding buttons on the left-side menu after reading instructions in this article.

You can also create new files or folders within Documents. To do that,

  1. open the needed section or folder where you want to create a new file by selecting corresponding options at the left-side panel
  2. click the Create button in the left upper corner and select one of the following options:
    • Document to create a new text document
    • Spreadsheet to create a new spreadsheet
    • Presentation to create a new presentation
    • Folder to create a new folder
  3. enter a name for your file or folder into the appropriate field and click the Confirmation icon icon
Creating New File Creating New File

Viewing/editing documents

You can view and edit your documents, spreadsheets, presentations right on the portal using multi-functional Online Editors. To do that, just click its title or the Pencil icon icon to the right of the file title and it will be opened in a new tab of the Internet browser. If a file is currently being edited by another user, you will see the colored pencil icon. Place the mouse cursor over this Colored Pencil Plus icon icon to see who is editing the file at the moment. Click it to open and edit this document simultaneously with other portal users.

To edit a file, you can also click the Actions Icon icon next to it and select the Edit option.
Editing Spreadsheet Editing Spreadsheet

Once you edit a document, spreadsheet, presentation and save changes you made, both revisions of your file will be available, so that you'll be able to restore the previous one if necessary. The available revisions can be grouped into the versions. To learn more, please refer to this article.

If you have no rights to edit the document, clicking its title you will open it with the corresponding online office Viewer. The image files will open in the same window, the text files will be shown in a new tab of your Internet browser. The online office Viewers offer standard tools to zoom in/out your files, adjust their size, navigate between pages, download or print them.

To view a file, you can also click the Actions Icon icon next to it and select the Preview option.
Viewing Text File Viewing Text File
The portal guests can't use Online Editors. To open or edit a file, they need to download it first to their computer. If any changes are made, the guests will need to upload the files back to the portal after that. In case the guest has full access to this file, it can be overwritten. If not, the file can be uploaded under some other name only.

Managing documents

You can perform the following operations with your documents:

  • Download in the original format to your computer hard disk drive
  • Download as a file in the selected format to your computer hard disk drive
  • Move to another section or folder within the 'Documents' module
  • Copy a file and move the created copy to the selected section of the 'Documents' module
  • Delete a file moving it to the 'Recycle Bin' section of the 'Documents' module
  • Rename a file
  • Block a file for further editing by other users with the corresponding editing rights
  • Finalize the current version of a file and create a revision for a new one
  • Show version history and restore one of them
  • Create a copy of a file in the current folder
  • Share several documents at once for the portal users
  • Copy the link to a document to clipboard for portal users

To share, download, move, copy, or delete a file,

  1. open the needed section of the 'Documents' module clicking the corresponding option at the left-side panel
  2. check the boxes next to the files you want to manage
  3. click the needed button at the top depending on the operation you want to perform
If the documents that you want to share have different sharing settings (for example, users can only view the document X but they have the full access rights to the document Y) you'll see the Varies status in front of the user name in the 'Sharing Settings' window. You can always change the status for all the selected documents for each separate user selecting the necessary option in the drop-down list in front of the user name.
Managing Files Managing Files

To rename, block, finalize, view the version history of a file or copy the link to it (or perform any of the above mentioned operations),

  1. open the needed section of the 'Documents' module clicking the corresponding option at the left-side panel
  2. find the needed document and click the Actions Icon icon next to it
  3. select the corresponding option depending on the operation you want to perform. To learn more about the available context menu options, please read this article.
To learn how to manage the previous revisions/versions of a document, please refer to this article.
Managing Files Managing Files

You can rename documents not only from the file list in the Documents module but also from the editor interface directly while editing. To do that,

  1. click the File File icon icon at the left sidebar and select the Rename... option, or
    click on the file name displayed in the editor header next to the logo (in the upper left corner),
  2. in a new window that opens, enter the necessary File name and click OK.

Sharing documents

You can set permissions to the files stored in My Documents or Project Documents folder, so that a particular portal member or a group of them will be able to read or edit your files.

A module or full access administrator can define access settings in the Common Documents folder. Read more on access rights in the Getting Started: People section.

Find a file (or a folder) you want to share and click the Share file icon Share button to the right of its title. In the opened 'Sharing Settings' window you can:

  • provide access to a file/folder for your portal users/groups
  • provide access to a file for anyone else (including people outside the portal)
    • by sharing a link to a document
    • by embedding a document into a web page

When the file is shared, the Shared file icon Share button to the right of its title is highlighted with a more intense color.

Sharing documents with portal users

If you want to grant access only to people who can log in to your portal,

  1. set a default access type for all the persons/groups you want to share the document with. The Read Only option is selected by default. Click the Read Only icon icon next to the the Add Users or Add Groups button and choose the necessary option:
    • Full Access icon Full Access - the user or group will be able to view and edit the document
    • Review icon Review - the user or group will be able to review and change the document without actually editing it. All the changes made by a reviewer will be recorded and shown to you so that you will be able to accept or reject them
      This option is only available for the .docx files.
    • Read Only icon Read Only - the user or group will be able only to view the document
    • Deny Access icon Deny Access - this option is used to block access previously granted to the user or group
  2. click the Add Users or Add Groups button to open the user/group list
  3. check the persons (groups) you want to share the document with and click the Save button
    Sharing Document with Portal Members Sharing Document with Portal Members

    When adding users, you can check them one by one using the filter field at the top to facilitate the search. It's also possible to check the necessary group or the Select all option on the right to add all the users from the selected group or all the portal users respectively.

  4. if necessary, change the permission details for each particular user/group selecting one of the available options from the drop-down list next to the person/group name.

    To remove a user/group from the list use the Remove user icon icon.

    Sharing Document with Portal Members Sharing Document with Portal Members
    You can grant access to all portal members except several of them or a certain group instead of adding every member separately. For this purpose, just click the 'Add Groups' button, select the 'Everyone' option and set the necessary access type for it. Then add a certain group or user using one of the buttons and select the 'Deny Access' option.
  5. leave the Send notification box checked to send a standard email message to the persons you shared your document with
  6. click the Add message link to add your own text to the standard email notification
  7. press the Save button at the bottom of the window

Each portal user you shared the file with can find this document in the Shared with me section.

If you need to get a link to the shared file so that you can send this link to the portal users, click the Link for portal users icon icon within the 'Sharing Settings' window. The link will be copied to the clipboard.

Sharing documents using the link

To enable the possibility to grant access to the file to everyone with the link to it or to embed the file into a web page so that every visitor of this page can view the document, click the External link access switcher within the 'Sharing Settings' window - after that the available parameters will be displayed.

Sharing Document with People outside the Portal Sharing Document with People outside the Portal

Sharing the link to the document

  1. define the access type choosing the Full Access, Review, or Read Only option from the list next to the External link access caption.
  2. select the way you want to share the document:
    • Copy the link to the clipboard to send it via a messenger or in any other way.
    • Click the Email icon icon to send the link via email. A new window will open, where you can specify the email addresses to send the link to, enter an accompanying message and click the Send button.

      If you are already using the Mail module, just start typing the recipient email address or name and choose the needed one from the list. The contacts stored in your address book that match the entered characters are displayed there as you type (i.e. your personal, CRM and portal contacts as well as email adresses you've already sent emails to).

      You can add as many recipients as you wish. Select several addresses from the list one by one or enter multiple new addresses separated by commas. If an email address is entered incorrectly, the address block will be highlighted in red. To edit an address, double click the necessary address block. To delete an address, click the Delete Address Icon icon.

    • Click one of the social network icons to share the link via your corresponding social account.
  3. close the 'Sharing Settings' window clicking the Close button

To deny access via the link to the previously shared document, you can choose the Deny Access option from the list or click the External link access switcher once again to disable this option.

Getting the embedding code

  1. click the Embedding document link in the right part of the window
    Embedding Document Embedding Document
  2. select the size of document viewer window from the available ones or set its custom width and height
  3. copy the embed code and paste it into your web page
  4. close the 'Sharing Settings' window clicking the Close button

For further instructions please refer to this user guide.

If you delete the document, switch to the 'Deny Access' option within the 'Sharing Settings' window or switch off the External link access option, web page visitors won't be able to view the document.
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