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Creating a new category of history events


The standard history event categories are mail, note, phone call, meeting. Need more categories for events that are added to history of your contacts, opportunities or cases? It's easy! Just read this tip to learn how to create new categories.

Bare Bones Instructions

To add a new category of history events, please follow the easy steps below:

  1. Enter your portal using your login details.
  2. Click the CRM link on the start page.
  3. Click the Settings option at the left-side panel, then choose the Other settings section and click the History Event Categories item.
  4. Press the New Category button.
  5. A window will open introducing the form you need to fill in: select an icon for the new category, enter its name in the Title field and description.
  6. Click the Save button.

The newly created history event category will be added to the list.

Helpful Hints

How to edit or delete the added history event category?

To edit or delete a category, click the Actions icon icon next to the needed category and select the Edit Category or Delete Category option.

Please bear in mind that you can edit or delete a category only in case there are no events in the history of contacts, opportunities or cases belonging to this category yet. Once an event of this category is created, you won't be able to edit or delete this category any more.

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