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Setting opportunity stages


Do you need to change the default opportunity stages according to the business process in your company? It's not that hard! Just add new stages to the standard ones or change their order.

The default opportunity stages offered within the CRM module are initial contact, suspect, application of initial fit criteria, need assessment, qualified prospect, proposal, negotiations, closure/transaction, unsuccessfully closed. Their detailed description can be found on the 'Opportunity Stages' page of the 'Settings' tab. You can edit the default opportunity stages changing their title, description, success probability in percent, and stage type or delete them all and add your own stages. See the instructions below.

Bare Bones Instructions

To add a new opportunity stage, please follow the easy steps below:

  1. Enter your portal using your login details.
  2. Click the CRM link on the start page.
  3. Click the Settings option at the left-side panel, then choose Other settings section and click the Opportunity Stages item.
  4. Press the New Stage button.
  5. A window will open introducing the form you need to fill in. Select a color from the palette clicking the Change Color link. Enter a title for the new opportunity stage as well as its description. Set its success probability in percent. Select a stage type from the available ones: open, successfully closed, unsuccessfully closed. Depending on the chosen stage type, a corresponding mark will be added to opportunities at this stage.
  6. Click the Save button.

The newly created opportunity stage will be added to the list. Here you can change the order of existing stages by dragging them according to their success probability for example.

Helpful Hints

How to edit or delete an opportunity stage?

To edit or delete an opportunity stage, click the 'Settings' option, then choose 'Other settings' section and click the 'Opportunity Stages' item, find the needed stage, click the Actions icon icon next to it and select the Edit Stage or Delete Stage option.

Please bear in mind that you can edit or delete an opportunity stage only in case there are no opportunities at this stage yet. Once an opportunity achieves the stage, you won't be able to edit or delete it any more.

How to change the stage of an opportunity?

Click the 'Opportunities' option within the CRM module, find and click the needed opportunity in the list to open it. Next to the 'Opportunity at Stage' caption, you will see its current stage. You can change it by clicking a black arrow next to the currently selected stage and choosing another one from the list.

How to view all opportunities at a certain stage only?

For this purpose click the 'Opportunities' option at the left-side panel within the CRM module, click the plus icon at the filter bar, select the 'Stage' option and choose the needed stage. After that all the opportunities at the chosen stage will be shown in the list.

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