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Connecting Document Server to Community Server

Document Serverv.3.0 Community Serverv.8.9 Document Server changelog

Version 4.2.11

Release date: 03/13/2017

New features


  • Added the possibility to completely hide About and the left toolbar (available to the licensed users only).



  • Fixed the issue when the JWT token without the permissions field crashes downloadAs.

Version 4.2.10

Release date: 02/20/2017


Embedded viewers

  • Fixed the default top position for the toolbar.


  • Fixed the availability of the chat and comments buttons for the editors without the license file.


  • Fixed the problem with JWT access tokens.

Version 4.2.9

Release date: 02/14/2017

New Features

Spreadsheet Editor

  • The Polish language translations for functions.


Spreadsheet Editor

  • Fixed the wrong order of elements in equations (bug #34029).

Version 4.2.8

Release date: 02/06/2017


Spreadsheet Editor

  • Fixed entering the characters with diacritical symbols (bug #33908)
  • Fixed the horizontal scroll when using a trackpad (bug #27197)


  • Allowed the interface customization using the plugins.


  • Minor fixes for logging and status codes.

Version 4.2.7

Release date: 02/01/2017


All Editors

  • Prevent editors from performing the save operation if there are no changes to save.

Spreadsheet Editor

  • Fixed error occurring when assembling files with Ranges in some rare cases.

Document conversion

  • Fixed errors occurring when converting from the XLSX to the CSV format.


  • Fixed server compilation if the PRODUCT_VERSION and BUILD_NUMBER variables are not defined.

Version 4.2.5

Release date: 01/16/2017


All Editors

  • Fixed a rare problem occurring when saving a file with a specific chart type.

Presentation Editor

  • Fixed a problem occurring when saving a file with the notes copied from Document Editor;
  • Fixed a problem occurring when saving a file with a chart copied from Presentation Editor.


  • Fixed a problem occurring when opened connection was not closed with close command received while performing some asynchronous actions.

Version 4.2.4

Release date: 01/09/2017


Document Editor

  • Fixed the problem with the changes missing when several users enter the text at the same time (bug #33726)
  • Fixed the bug with the cursor positioning after the InsertContent function is used.

Spreadsheet Editor

  • Fixed the Match formula return value in some cases (bug #33735).


  • Fixed the missing Asana-Math font in the default installation, needed for equations.

Version 4.2.3

Release date: 12/23/2016


Spreadsheet Editor

  • Fixed the usage of functions with references to the other sheets.

Presentation Editor

  • Fixed the timeout error appearing while printing some PPTX files.

Document conversion

  • Fixed the problem with conversion to PDF format when only the first document page was converted.


  • Without a valid license file the chat and comment buttons are unavailable, as well as editing the customer information and the logo image at the editor header is not allowed.

Version 4.2.2

Release date: 12/21/2016


Presentation Editor

  • Fixed the problem with opening password-protected presentations.

Version 4.2.1

Release date: 12/06/2016


Document Editor

  • Fixed the broken Insert number of page button;
  • Fixed the problem with the last hieroglyph duplicate;
  • Fixed the problem with changing the chart type from 2D to 3D (bug #33284).

Spreadsheet Editor

  • Fixed JavaScript error when adding a chart in IE and Edge (bug #33597);
  • Fixed the problem with an empty cell when changing sparklines (bug #33598).


  • Improved compatibility with the DOC format.

Version 4.2.0

Release date: 12/01/2016

New Features

All Editors

  • Added the possibility to set a dash type for shapes;
  • Redesigned the embedded viewers;
  • Better support of HiDPI systems;
  • Update bootstrap to version 3.3.7.

Document Editor

  • Added the possibility to set Fit to Page or Fit to Width as a default zoom value;
  • Ability to insert number of pages into the document;
  • Added the possibility to open and edit footnotes;
  • Remade version history. Added the possibility to hide minor features.

Spreadsheet Editor

  • Added the possibility to insert equations in Spreadsheet Editor;
  • Added the possibility to open and edit sparklines;
  • Added a new SUMIFS function;
  • Added the possibility to select data from the drop-down menu in the context menu;
  • Added a multiselection support;
  • Added the rotation of 3D charts;
  • Updated and improved the visual styles for all chart types;
  • Brought back the Freeze Panes option in the View Settings menu;
  • Added the new algorithm for calculating a cell height.

Presentation Editor

  • Added the possibility to set Fit to Width as a default zoom value;
  • Added the possibility to insert equations in Presentation Editor.


  • Updated nodejs from version 4.2.0 to the current LTS release: 6.9.1.


Spreadsheet Editor


Version 4.1.8

Release date: 11/03/2016



  • Minor fix for a better license compatibility with the Hide Menu functionality.

Version 4.1.7

Release date: 11/01/2016



  • Fixed a JavaScript error when opening a document in IE 9 and IE 10.

Version 4.1.6

Release date: 10/26/2016

New Features


  • Added the possibility to hide the menu bars in the editors using the config.

Version 4.1.5

Release date: 10/13/2016



  • Fixed copy-paste on MacOS Sierra.


  • Fixed the image load and OLE problems;
  • Viewers do not show plugins any more.

Version 4.1.4

Release date: 10/07/2016



  • ipfilter can use dns to lookup.

Version 4.1.3

Release date: 09/28/2016

New Features


  • Sample plugins are enabled by default.

Version 4.1.2

Release date: 09/22/2016

New Features


  • Switched to using PostgreSQL instead of MySQL on back-end;
  • Added the possibility to filter users using ipfilter.


  • Added whole new code handling text input. Better support for languages which use hieroglyphs;
  • Added whole new copy-paste which is better compatible with external sources.


  • Improvements in opening of all supported formats.


  • A lot small bugfixes in all product modules.

Version 4.0.3

Release date: 08/04/2016


  • Added the possibility to use full-toolbar mode in the editors with a standard license. Previously the users of standard license were forced to use compact toolbar only.

Version 4.0.2

Release date: 08/03/2016


Spreadsheet Editor

  • Fixed losing comments on second and subsequent worksheets (bug #32895);
  • Fixed losing empty values of data with format different from General in the autofilter (bug #32805).


  • Minor fixes.
Community Server changelog

Version 8.9.2

Release date: 12/05/2016

Portal settings & Control Panel


  • Added LDAP synchronization for users and groups when saving the settings, after login and using the Sync button;
  • Changed email formation for LDAP users;
  • Fixed the problem of creation of users with invalid emails;
  • Fixed the problem of duplicate users;
  • Added icons and hints to the users in the list for the admin;
  • Blocked for editing the user profile fields imported using LDAP;
  • Added the real LDAP password saving to the database during login in case LDAP Auth is disabled, now the LDAP users will become common portal users when LDAP Auth is disabled;
  • Added new API Settings method - Sync LDAP;
  • Added new translations;
  • Bug fixes.

Control Panel for Windows

  • Made changes at the Update page for the Control Panel for Windows;
  • Updates are performed using the downloaded installation packages for each module.
  • The current installed component version numbers are obtained via API request to the Community Server.
  • The new versions available for download are obtained via the request to the file, where all the latest component version numbers and links for their download are stored in the JSON format.

Documents module

  • Added support for the history of changes which has a new format in document editing service (Document Server versions later than 4.1.5);
  • Added support for plugin connection.

Mail Server

Connection Settings

  • Added page to the Settings for the integration of Community Server with Mail Server.

Installation Script

  • Fixed the error shown if the mail domain is not specified, now Mail Server will not be installed if this is the case;
  • Fixed the installation of the latest Docker version;
  • Removed chmod 777 to the created folders;
  • Added hardware checks (40Gb HDD space, ~6Gb RAM, 2 Core Processor) and 6Gb swap creation;
  • The components are installed via network by default;

Version 8.8

Release date: 03/09/2016

General portal changes

  • New mail notification templates;
  • Changed old SaaS notification mail texts and added new mail messages;
  • Added new mail messages for Enterprise Edition;
  • Fixed mail notification placeholders for the whitelabel texts;
  • Added the currency selector at the pricing page;
  • Enabled browser spellcheck in ckeditor

Documents module

  • Disabled support for Document Server with version earlier than 3.0.
  • If the Upload the documents in original format as well option is disabled, the uploaded converted file is placed not as a separate new file, but as a new revision of the original file;
  • Box storage service is connected using secure connection with oAuth 2.0 authorization.
  • Added sharing of documents in DOCX format for review.

Calendar module

  • Changes to the quick event creation window;
  • Added event details window;
  • Added the page for the event advanced creation/editing;
  • Added selection of event organizer;
  • Event guests emails are checked for correctness, the CRM contacts, address book contacts and portal user list are used to autosearch guests;
  • Added email notifications to the event guests when event is created or changed;
  • Added event export into .ics format.

Mail module

Address book

  • Added new address book, which includes contacts from portal users, CRM and user personal contacts.

Mail and Calendar modules integration

  • Added integration of Mail module with Calendar module using the iCalendar open source format as described in RFC 5545 specification;
  • The mail messages containing iCalendar format are detected automatically with the ASC.Mail.Aggregator service, can be added to custom filters;
  • Details of the event found in mail can be viewed, added to the Calendar module automatically or manually;
  • Added the possibility to send invitations to the events from the Calendar module, reply to the invitations sent from third-party calendar software, notify the event guests about the changes or cancellation of events.

Mail autoreply

  • Added mail autoreplying option with the settings in the Mail module at the Account page;
  • Mail autoreply can be quickly set up and disabled/enabled on demand.

Mail address control

  • Updated the control to enter mail addresses to enable the email and contact search among People, CRM, user personal contacts, mail accounts and frequently contacted recepients;
  • Added keyboard shortcut support and better interaction with mouse and keyboard.

Mail and CRM and Documents modules integration

  • Added an option to create a CRM contact directly from the mail message linking the current mail thread to the new contact history;
  • Added a new contect menu allowing to select a folder in the Documents module to save the message attachment.

Mail Server settings

  • Redesigned Mail Server settings page.

Version 8.6

Release date: 08/02/2015

General portal changes

  • Added white label options for paid portals;
  • Added the possibility to resize left menu panel in all portal modules.

Documents module

  • Added version history view in the editors;
  • The search is conducted both in the folder and all subfolders.

Mail module

  • Added the possibility to print mail messages;
  • Added the possibility to select the mail box on own domain to send notifications inside portal;
  • Various code optimizations.

Portal backup

  • Changed the archive format from .zip to .tar.gz;
  • Removed limitations for the backup file from the Community Server installation, the SaaS version now has the limit of 10 GB for backups.

Version 8.5

Release date: 03/26/2015

General portal changes

  • News, unread chat messages and mail messages counters are now updated without the page reloading in all the tabs (via Signalr);
  • Changed pricing plans at the pricing page.

Documents module

  • Added support for the folder upload via drag-n-drop in Google Chrome retaining the whole folder inner structure.

Mail module

Mail Server

  • Mail Server first release, now the mail boxes can be created for the, and domains.

Mail client

  • Better synchronization of the client using SignalR (folder state update, message list update, sending notifications, tab synchronization);
  • Updated the recepients list filtering;
  • Added the selection for the default mail box, which is now offered as first mail address when writing a mail message;
  • Added the possibility to add links to the portal documents as mail attachments;
  • Optimized work of mail aggregator and stability of work under mono;
  • Optimized styles for filter, dashboard and popups.


  • (Server version only) Added the support of the web.max-upload-size parameter to the configuration file, which allows to set the limit for the size of the files uploaded to Talk (1 MB by default).

Version 8.1

Release date: 02/24/2015

General portal changes

  • Public portals are available now for trial and nonprofit portals.

Documents module

  • Added new supported third party document storages (OneDrive for Business via SharePoint connection, Yandex.Disk, OwnCloud and other third party services which use WebDav protocol for connection);
  • Updated work with GoogleDrive, now the connection is made via OAuth 2.0 protocol and work with Google API is performed via GoogleDrive SDK;
  • When portal administrator enters the Documents module, the window offering to select the document editors version (2.5 or 3.0) is shown, if this has not been done before.

Mail module

  • Mail Server is out for beta testing in EU region.


  • A temporary storage for backup files is selected by default;
  • Added the possibility of automatic backup creation;
  • Added the possibility to backup Mail module data.

Version 8.0

Release date: 11/19/2014

General portal changes


  • TeamLab is now officially rebranded to ONLYOFFICE;
  • Redesigned menus, added loaders and page views for the modules without any content.

Public portals

  • When using a free of charge portal a new option is available in Settings > Security > Portal Access > Portal Access Settings allowing to make the portal available to the people who are not registered there.

Unregistered users

  • Added access rights for the unregistered portal users.


  • Link to the videos is moved from the top menu to the left navigation menu;
  • Removed videos from the welcome page.

Documents module

  • Added integration with OneDrive for Business.

Projects module

  • Added the possibility to select a project template at the project creation page;
  • Added the possibility to add milestones and tasks during the project creation.

Community module

  • Changes to the dashboard empty page.


  • Added the possibility to select the storage for the created backup (temporary storage is selected by default);
  • Added the possibility to select the backup which will be used to restore the portal.

Version 7.7

Release date: 06/23/2014



  • Added the possibility to upload a certificate in the .pfx format with the required password at the settings page.


  • Added the new page to the portal settings, which has the following options: Alerts (showing the ports necessary for TeamLab Office correct work), Services (displaying the list of Windows services necessary for the Feed and Mail module work), Logs (allowing to collect all the server logs in a single .zip archive file which can be sent to our support), and the button allowing to reset all cache and rebuild script files, if necessary.

Version 7.6

Release date: 04/15/2014

General portal changes

  • Mini-chat embedded into the left panel is displayed on all portal pages;
  • Added integration with LDAP/Active Directory;
  • Added two factor authentication option using SMS service;
  • Old controls were replaced by new ones in People, Projects, CRM modules and the portal Settings;
  • Replaced old loaders, icons, information panels everywhere on the portals.

Documents module

  • Added revisions to the document version history with the possibility to add comments to each revision;
  • Added the possibility to block the document file for changes;
  • Made SharePoint as a third party provider to access Box, DropBox, GoogleDrive and Skydrive storages;
  • Added possibility to share several files at once selecting them simultaneously and using the corresponding context menu option.

Projects module

  • Updated the Gantt charts to version 2.0 adding the possibility to display several projects at the same chart and allowing to select the options to be displayed on the chart;
  • Removed reloading the page when switching among the Projects module main tabs (Projects, Tasks, Milestones, Discussions, and Time tracking);
  • Added pagination ot the time tracking tab;
  • The errors and some successful actions are no notified via toaster.

CRM module

  • Added invoicing to the CRM module;
  • Removed reloading the page when switching among the CRM module main tabs (Contacts, Tasks, Opportunities, etc).

Mail module

  • Added the possibility to automatically attach signature templates to mail messages;
  • Added the option to save attachments to the selected folder in the Documents module;
  • Added the possibility to send CRM module invoices via Mail module, attaching them to the mail message;
  • Changes to the mail thread detection;
  • Fixed work with non-latin characters in attachment name;
  • Fixed work with images and files embedded into the mail message body;
  • Enhanced work with the context menu;
  • Enhanced collapsing the quotation in the reply message;
  • The Mail module interface was redesigned to follow the other module guidelines.

Version 7.5

Release date: 09/06/2013

General portal changes

Portal redesign

  • Portal minimal width changed to 1024 pixels;
  • Added the new setting to change the portal color scheme.

Portal transfer to another region

  • Changed the work of the portal transfer to another region mechanism;
  • Added the possibility to fill the portal with demo content.

Documents module

  • If the user has full access rights to the document, the sharing button will be present at the document information tab.

Projects module

  • Added the possibility to use Gantt charts with the Projects module.

CRM module

  • Changed the available sorting list depending on the filter used;
  • Removed the Set permissions group action from the contact list;
  • Added the Create new task group action to the contact list;
  • The contact types are renamed into Contact warmth;
  • Added new Contact type option;
  • Changed the way the the contact manager is appointed;
  • Added the possibility to change Contact warmth and add tags to a group of contacts;
  • Added the pagination instead of the Show more button;
  • Improved integration with the Mail module;
  • Enhanced automatization and refactoring.

Version 7.4.1

Release date: 05/15/2013

General portal changes

  • When a user joins the portal via an invitation link, the email address used to do that will not be activated automatically and will require conscious actions from the user side;
  • The email address used for registration on the portal will be automatically activated only when registering via social networks.

Documents module

  • A portal guest can only open the document for viewing if the document author gave such access rights to him/her.

CRM module

  • Added sorting by date to CRM module.

Version 7.4

Release date: 04/25/2013

General portal changes

  • Added the possibility to move the portal to another region, which will be closer to the portal users location;
  • Added tips when the user accesses the portal for the first time;
  • Added the icon for video guides in the header menu;
  • Added the links to the support to the left side menu.

Documents module

  • Updated the document loader in the Documents module and the Project documents section of the Projects module.

Projects module

  • Added new statuses in the time tracking section;
  • Added the new task start time field, the time will be also displayed at the task detail page;
  • Added the possibility to sort the tasks by the start time;
  • Added the setting to manage access rights to the contacts of a private project;
  • Updated the filter of the task responsible users;
  • Removed the outdated styles from the reports;
  • Changed the way the blocked users are displayed in the project team;
  • No project access rights are displayed for the disabled users in private projects;
  • Changed the list of available options in the menu for all users;
  • The guests do not have any access to the project team.

People module

  • Added a new user role - guest users (users with limited access and content creation rights);
  • Added new filters by user role (user, guest) and by status (active, disabled and pending);
  • Added group operations with users (changing the roles for several users at once);
  • Added a birthday icon;
  • Changed the user profile and subscriptions page (moved it to a separate page, added the possibility to change photo, display the user status, birthday icon).

Community module

  • Moved user birthdays to a separate page;
  • Now all the users will be subscribed to other users birthdays by default;
  • Guest user birthdays are neither displayed or generate notifications about.

If you want to connect Document Server to the Community Server portal installed on your local or remote server, you will need to alter configuration files both on the computer with Community Server and Document Server installed. So please first make sure you have administrator access to both machines.

Document Server and Community Server must be installed on two different machines.

What and how must be changed

Connecting Document Server to Community Server requires changing some connection strings either in the Community Server portal interface at the Settings page or in the configuration files. There are five addresses used by Document Server which must be introduced into Community Server configuration so that they became connected:


In case you plan to use both Document Server and Community Server on your local network and the users will be accessing them using local network only, it is okay to change all these addresses the following way:


The same is explained in the figure below:

But if you plan to access the servers from outside (using the Internet connection), the below rules must be followed.

The first three addresses are used to solely route the communication between the two servers (Document and Community) for the conversion, file uploader and command services and do not require any Internet connection, so it is safe to use the local network addresses here in case both computers are in the same local network even if Document Server and/or Community Server is planned to be accessed from other computers via the Internet.

The fourth address (http://documentserver/web-apps/apps/api/documents/api.js) is used by Document Server API service and, in case the editors are accessed from the Internet, the public DNS address must be used with it, as it will communicate not only with Community Server machine but also with the user computer.

The fifth address (http://communityserver-localaddress/) is used to specify the address of the computer with Community Server installed and is used only when the client computers need to connect to the editor via the Internet (see the figure below). In case all the access is done within one single local network, this address can be left blank.

This is shown in the figure below:

That is why the best way to change these addresses for the Document Server and/or Community Server which will be accessed via the Internet will be the following:


The steps below will explain where to find these strings in different Community Server versions.

Connecting Document Server to Community Server 8.1 and higher

Normally to connect Document Server to Community Server version 8.1 and later you only need to set up connection parameters in portal settings. To do that please go to Settings and select Integration - Document Service. Then simply fill in all the fields with the appropriate Document Server service addresses.

Please note, that not all Community Server and Document Server versions can be connected to each other. In case you have Community Server version incompatible with the current Document Server version or vice versa, please consider upgrading to the latest versions or at least to the nearest compatible ones.

The table below shows which server versions can be connected to each other without any problems:

Document Server version
2.5 3.0 3.5 3.8 - 4.1 4.2 and higher
Community Server version 7.7
8.8 - 8.9.1
8.9.2 and higher
No stable work of the incompatible versions can be guaranteed and we strongly recommend that you update your installations to the latest available versions for correct work.

Editing configuration files for Community Server

In case this does not work or you are using Community Server earlier than version 8.1 and you are sure that the Community Server version is compatible with the Document Server version you are trying to connect (please consult the table above to see if that is so), you will need to perform the actions below, editing the configuration files.

First of all you need to alter the web.appsettings.config file which can be found in the c:\Program Files\Ascensio System SIA\onlyoffice\WebStudio\ folder of the Community Server computer. Open it with a text editor and add the following lines (or change these lines accordingly, in case they are already present):

<add key="files.docservice.viewed-docs" value=".pptx|.ppsx|.pptt|.ppt|.pps|.odp|.gslides|.xlsx|.xlst|.xls|.ods|.gsheet|.csv|.docx|.doct|.doc|.odt|.gdoc|.txt|.rtf|.mht|.html|.htm|.fb2|.epub|.pdf|.djvu|.xps"/>
<add key="files.docservice.edited-docs" value=".pptx|.ppsx|.pptt|.ppt|.pps|.odp|.xlsx|.xlst|.xls|.ods|.csv|.docx|.doct|.doc|.odt|.txt|.rtf|.mht|.html|.htm|.fb2|.epub"/>
<add key="files.docservice.convert-docs" value=".ppt|.pps|.odp|.xls|.ods|.doc|.odt|.rtf|.mht|.html|.htm"/>
<add key="files.docservice.coauthor-docs" value=".pptx|.pptt|.xlsx|.xlst|.docx|.doct"/>
<add key="files.docservice.url.converter" value="http://documentserver/ConvertService.ashx"/>
<add key="files.docservice.url.api" value="http://documentserver/OfficeWeb/apps/api/documents/api.js"/>
<add key="" value="http://documentserver/FileUploader.ashx"/>
<add key="files.docservice.url.portal" value="http://communityserver/" />
<add key="files.docservice.url.command" value="http://documentserver/coauthoring/CommandService.ashx"/>

Where documentserver and communityserver are the addresses of the computers with Document Server and Community Server installed.

These lines must be inserted between the <add key="files.uploader.chunk-size" value="5242880" /> and <add key="resources.from-db" value="true" /> lines.

If you are trying to connect Document Server to Community Server version earlier than 8.5, you will need to add two additional lines to your web.appsettings.config file:
<add key="" value=".xlsx|.xlst|.xls|.ods|.gsheet|.csv|.docx|.doct|.doc|.odt|.gdoc|.txt|.rtf|.mht|.html|.htm|.fb2|.epub|.pdf|.djvu|.xps"/>
<add key="files.docservice.url.apinew" value="http://documentserver/coauthoring/CommandService.ashx"/>

You will also need to run the SQL script for proper work (for Document Server 3.0 and higher):

INSERT INTO `webstudio_settings` (`TenantID`, `ID`, `UserID`, `Data`) VALUES (-1, 'a3acbfc4-155b-4ea8-8367-bbc586319553', '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000', '{"NewScheme":true,"RequestedScheme":true}');

For Document Server 2.5 the following SQL script must be run (without running the above script!):

DELETE FROM `webstudio_settings` WHERE `ID`='a3acbfc4-155b-4ea8-8367-bbc586319553';

Editing configuration files for Document Server

Next the web.config file need to be altered. It can be found in the c:\Program Files\Ascensio System SIA\ONLYOFFICE Online Editors\DocService\ folder of the Document Server computer. Open it with a text editor and add the following lines (or change these lines accordingly, in case they are already present):

<add key="editor.settings.coauthoring.url" value="http://documentserver:8000" />
<add key="editor.settings.spellchecker.url" value="http://documentserver:8080" />

Where documentserver is the address of the computer with Document Server installed.

Connecting Document Server 2.5 to Community Server 7.7 and earlier

Document Serverv.2.5 Community Serverv.7.7

To connect Document Server 2.5 to the computer with Community Server 7.7 and earlier installed, you need to only edit the web.appsettings.config file from the WebStudio folder of the Community Server computer. Open it with a text editor and add the following lines (or change these lines accordingly, in case they are already present):

<add key="files.docservice.url.converter" value="http://documentserver/ConvertService.ashx"/>
<add key="files.docservice.url.api" value="http://documentserver/OfficeWeb/apps/api/documents/api.js"/>
<add key="" value="http://documentserver/FileUploader.ashx"/>

These are the addresses for the conversion service, editing service and storage service accordingly used with Document Server 2.5.

You do not need to change anything else, including altering the web.config file for Document Server.

How to install Document Server and connect it to Community Server on Windows
Download Host on your own server Available for Docker,
Windows, Linux and virtual machines
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