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ONLYOFFICE DocSpace changelog

Version 2.5.0

Release date: 04/20/2024

General changes

  • Switching to .net 8 and yarn v4.
  • Added distributed locking based on Redis/ZooKeeper.
  • The confirmation window for the selected Google account always appears: when logging in, connecting and on the backup page.
  • Changed scrolling of pages, panels, etc.
  • Added a mechanism for working with Google Tag Manager, it works automatically if there is an corresponding setting in the server configuration.
  • Styled the NGINX standard errors.


  • Added presets for Javascript SDK: DocSpace, Public room, Editor, Viewer, Room selector, File selector, Custom.
  • Added a mechanism for forwarding the editor customization config.
  • Adjusted the behavior of internal checks for the CSP mechanism.
  • Changed the loader for the SDK.
  • Fixed the mechanism of synchronizing the color scheme transmitted to the SDK for the editor.
  • Added work with the type of opened editor (restored the mechanism of the embedded display).
  • Added a new view for the selector mode - a button that opens the selector window.
  • Added the ability to upload files using drag and drop in the Plugins list.
  • Added validation and notifications about errors when changing the portal name in the DNS settings.
  • Implemented migration from ONLYOFFICE Workspace, Google Workspace and Nextcloud: added the ability to migrate users with files, groups and shared files/folders.
  • Changed the display of buttons in the portal settings on mobile devices.
  • Added users and rooms quotas (a default quota, which can be set in the portal settings, and a custom quota, which can be set in the info panel, in the corresponding column of the table, through the menu and in the editing/creating room dialog window).
  • Added the new Storage Management page which displays statistics on storage space used.


  • Changed the page for inviting users to a portal/room: redesigned the form, divided into steps. The first step is to enter the email. If the user with such email exists on the portal, the second step is to go to the modified login page. If the user does not exist, the second step is to enter a name and create a password. It's also possible to return to the previous step using the Back button and enter a different email.
  • Changed social network buttons.
  • Added tabs to the Accounts page.
  • Added the new Group column to the group table.
  • Added the new way to sort/filter users – by groups.
  • Added a table to display groups.
  • Changed HeaderMenu and MainButton in the Accounts section.
  • Added the new panel for creating/editing groups.
  • Added group filtering by members.
  • Added the new Info panel which displays information about the group.
  • Added new data about groups when displaying user information in the Info panel.
  • Added the ability to enter a group as if it were a folder, the table for users in the group, and navigation back to accounts.
  • Removed the ability to edit an already uploaded photo (change zoom and aspect) in the Avatar Editor.
  • A larger image is now uploaded to the server to improve quality when zooming in on large screens.


  • Moved long operations to ASC.Files.Service.
  • Optimized conversion.
  • Changed width calculation when adding new table columns.
  • Changed the URL to view media files: /media/view is used instead of /products/files/#preview.
  • Redesigned the info panel: fixed the context menu, actions with the selected element, display of the element in the panel.
  • Added asynchronous file upload.
  • The Overwrite Confirmation dialog window is now shown every time without a separate setting.
  • Added the ability to share files from My Documents.
  • Added the Share tab in the Info panel to assign permissions to links.
  • Added empty file templates for ar-SA and sr-Latn-RS cultures.
  • Accelerated loading of large files (chunks are now loaded in several threads).
  • Restored the ability to create rooms based on third-party storages (for Public rooms only).
  • Added additional information about users in the Info panel.
  • Changed the tariff banner and moved it to the header.
  • Added the “Share room” button to the navigation for public rooms (copies the link to the public room and shows it).
  • Removed the “Additional links” header for public rooms now additional links are included in one list).
  • Changed “Copy general link” to “Copy shared link” for public rooms (“General link” to “Shared links”).
  • Changed the “Megaphone” icon to “Planet” for public rooms.
  • Replaced the ONLYOFFICE Sample Form.oform file with ONLYOFFICE Sample Form.pdf.
  • Changed work of the InviteInput field.
  • Added the ability to invite groups to rooms for free roles.
  • Added the ability to jointly search for users and/or groups within a room in the info panel.
  • Added the safe area for mobile devices with “bangs”.
  • Now the last set room filter is not reset when switching to other sections (in Rooms/Archive).
  • Added the new advertising banner.
  • Added new icons for the xlsb format.
  • Added the "Create a new folder in the storage" checkbox when creating a room with the connection of a third-party resource.
  • Rewrote Document Editor to the NextJS library. Accelerated opening documents.
  • Rewrote all selectors (files, room and people) to a more optimal working scheme.
  • Changed drag for the Tiles view (now dragging files/folders occurs over the entire tile area).
  • Added a new state in all selectors with users. If a user is blocked, he is always displayed in the list, but it's not possible to take actions with him. If a user is already added, he is displayed with the 'Invited' label in the selector for inviting users to a room.


  • Added a new Management client (Standalone only) for managing DocSpace spaces: it allows you to configure the current portal and manage other portals, set up branding for all portals, perform backup/restore of all portals, go to the payments page.
  • Added a new modal window to Management: after configuring the portal, a window appears where you are asked to go to the domain or stay in the settings.

Version 2.0.0

Release date: 12/02/2023

General changes

  • Updated the React and related client libraries version to v18. Changed the navigation system: the request to receive data is executed after going to the page, not before. Routes are defined with objects (react-router-dom v6), they support Nested routing and accept event handlers.
  • Changed the system for displaying skeletons on the client. The minimum time before the skeleton is shown is 0.5 seconds, the minimum display time is also 0.5 seconds. Added order for hiding skeletons Catalog(Article) -> Section Header -> Section Filter -> Section Body.
  • Increased the length of short links up to 15 characters, changed the address from /sh/ to /s/.
  • Changed the Move to / Copy to / Restore all / Select file dialog windows. Removed the tree. Folders and files are shown in a single list with the ability to go to a higher or lower level. Added a socket to these dialog windows.
  • Added the ability to add cross-cutting pages when the contents of a Section is displayed in different directories. The Profile page is used this mechanism.
  • Updated storybook and component descriptions. Added a logo in the header. Work on switching to a dark/light theme. Added a plugin for working with figma.
  • Added a page with Webhooks settings.
  • Changed the navigation component (there can be 2 levels).
  • Added new components: date-time-picker, date-picker and time-picker.
  • Optimized ef - query precompilation.
  • Added support for OpenSearch and the latest version of elasticsearch.
  • Moved the link shortening service from nodejs to .net.
  • Added IP address parsing for the login event.
  • Added the RTL mode and Arabic language (RTL/LTR modes are enabled when changing the language).
  • Accelerated backup creation in S3 by switching to tar and copying inside S3.
  • Added displaying an error about an outdated version of Desktop Editors on Linux (for versions lower than 7.4 (Chrome lower than 75) to avoid the “ChunkLoadError” error).
  • Added support for plugins. The list of plugins is available for the administrator or owner. There are two types of plugins: system ones, which we develop ourselves, and custom ones. You can download a custom plugin on this page if this option is enabled in the config (in the SaaS version, only system plugins are available).
  • Added setting up csp by default for new portals.


  • Added mobile view for the Appearance, SSO, Branding, Javascript SDK pages.
  • Added new translations for the Customization and Security sections. Changed layout.
  • Added a new section for connecting Document Server in the server version.

Login page

  • If the Hide auth page checkbox is enabled in the SSO section, the login page will automatically redirect to the SSO provider. If you need to restore the default authentication page, add the /login?skipssoredirect=true key after the domain name of your DocSpace in the browser address bar.


  • Users with read only access are passed to the editor to be able to specify full access to a protected region in a spreadsheet (Docs v7.4 required).
  • Added filtering by room in Trash.
  • Added a redirect to the room/archive root if the user does not have access to the current room.
  • Optimized history rendering in the InfoPanel.
  • Added thumbnails for video.
  • Added image caching in the viewer and the ability to switch to thumbnails viewing.
  • Added the ability to download a room.
  • Added a new room type: Public. In a public room, you can create several links with different parameters. The contents of the room accessed via these links will be available for viewing without authorization. It's also possible to embed a public room to your website.
  • Added support for DeepLink.
  • Added hotkeys for operations with files (copying works both inside the manager and from disk): Copy (Ctrl+c), Cut (Ctrl+x), Paste (Ctrl+v).
  • Added hotkeys for MediaViewer: Zoom in (=/+), Zoom out (-).
  • Reworked room icons. If the image was not uploaded by the user, the icon is colored with one of 11 colors. In the archive, all room icons are colored with gray. The icon displays symbols from the name of the room.
  • Added the ability to send form templates created by users to the Form Gallery.
  • Added the ability to leave the room and change the owner.
  • Added the ability to reassign rooms and files in them.
  • Added separation of invitation links to the portal and the room. When registering for a room, a redirect to this room occurs.
  • Added the ability to create a room on the base of files/folders from the My Documents section.
  • Redesigned the Profile page (division into tabs, room manager settings are moved to the profile).
  • Added the ability to launch the TelegramReportsBot service, which sends messages about client errors from Firebase to the channel.
  • Changed design of email messages.
  • Redesigned empty screens: changed sizes and rules for switching placeholders.
  • Added the ability to filter the Form Gallery: filtering by category, language and/or name, sorting by name and last changes.
  • Redesigned the Info panel in the Form Gallery.

Version 1.1.1

Release date: 07/27/2023

General changes

  • Added support for the Community and Enterprise versions of the server solution (DocSpace installations, API methods for billing). Added Enterprise Wizard, Enterprise Payments Page, Trial Enterprise Payments Page, Community Wizard.
  • Added the Bonus page for the Community version. The page offers to get free access to the Enterprise solution for 30 days.
  • Added support for Armenian language.
  • Added the ability to send a report about an error (in the SaaS version only).
  • Improved JS SDK. Adjusted initialization mechanisms, added multiinstanceness. Extended the list of available methods for working with a portal. Updated the configuration file. Added the ability to work with callbacks.
  • Added the `apiDocsLink` parameter to `SettingsStore` for references to
  • Added support for the `Strict-Transport-Security`, `X-Content-Type-Options`, `SameSite` security headers.
  • A link to the payment system replaced with a handler to avoid issues with caching.


  • Added SMTP Settings to the `Integration` section of the DocSpace Settings.
  • Hidden the `DocSpace deletion` section of the DocSpace settings in the interface of the server solution. This section will be necessary if several portals are created using the Multitenancy feature. Current version does not include the Multitenancy feature.
  • Simplified the list of settings available for admins and power users in the `Settings` section of the left-side menu.
  • Reworked the `Developer Tools` section of the DocSpace Settings.
  • Improved the `Session Lifetime` setting: fixed work of session login, added validation in the settings input, added error handling. When this setting is enabled, the `Remember me` checkbox will be hidden on the login page.
  • The `Lifetime session` setting is a day by default.
  • Added the advertising block with the ability to send a message to in the `Integration` -> `Third-party services` section.
  • Added the advertising page with a button to go to in the `Developer tools` section.


  • Hidden the `Finalize version` menu item from the context menu. Revisions are no longer available. Changed design of the version history. It’s no longer possible to change versions by clicking on the badge. Added the `Open` menu item to the context menu of the version history.
  • Added the drop-down list with permissions in the user list.
  • Added the warning that the file is being edited when trying to perform actions on the file.
  • Removed the ability to sort files by `Author`, `Creation date`, `Type`, `Room` in the file list.
  • Replaced the icon for the Rooms section in the left-side menu.
  • Replaced the icon for switching to the Rooms section on the empty page in the Archive section.
  • Added crossing box for selection in the Accounts section.
  • Added the `/accounts/changeOwner` path for opening the dialog window which allows to change the owner in the app for iOS.
  • Hidden the `Search by file contents` option when filtering files for the Startup tariff (in the SaaS version. This feature is only available for the paid Business plan only).
  • Added the `Account login type` option (SSO, Standard login) when filtering accounts in the Accounts section.
  • Fixed a bug when files/folders were not deleted.
  • File thumbnails are no longer counted in the quota.
  • Optimization of getting a file list.
  • Optimization of uploading files.
  • Fixed work of the `Remember me` button.
  • Added a banner for downloading applications.
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