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Try in the cloud

Change application settings

To access the Document Editor advanced settings,

  1. tap the Tools icon Tools icon in the right corner of the top toolbar,
  2. tap the arrow next to the Application Settings Application Settings menu item.

Currently, the following advanced settings are available:

  • Unit of Measurement allows to specify what units are used in properties windows for measuring elements parameters such as width, height, spacing, margins etc. You can select the Centimeter, Point, or Inch option.
  • Spell Checking allows to enable or disable the spell checking function.
  • Nonprinting Characters allows to display or hide nonprinting characters in the document text.
  • Hidden Table Borders allows to display or hide hidden table borders. If you enable this option, the hidden table borders will be displayed as dotted lines in the document text.
  • Comments display allows to display or hide Comments and/or Resolved Comments. If you enable these options, the comments will be highlighted in the document text.
  • Dark theme allows to switch to dark interface mode. The dark theme colors vary from black to light-gray providing a comfortable interface for working at low-light conditions.
  • Macros Settings allows to choose if you want to enable all macros with or without a notification or disable all macros.
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