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If you want to test upcoming ONLYOFFICE features, ONLYOFFICE invites you to become a beta-tester. By testing new features and giving us your feedback, you will help other people enjoy ONLYOFFICE to the fullest.

The ONLYOFFICE team believes that any hard work should be fairly rewarded, hence there is a reward system for collaborators.

To take part, submit your request at marketing@onlyoffice.com.

Participation requirements

Anyone can become a beta-tester. The only requirement is having a good knowledge of English.

Testing process

The ONLYOFFICE testing environment utilizes the UserTesting platform since the testers have fast access to the platform without installing additional software.

Submit your request at marketing@onlyoffice.com with your name and email address to get an invitation to UserTesting. Please mention “Usability testing for ONLYOFFICE ” in the title.

Our team will add you to the list of testers, as well as contact you and provide additional information.

Contribution rewards

Since any hard work should be rewarded, by contributing to the ONLYOFFICE project you can get:

  • a free ONLYOFFICE cloud with no user limitations and 2 GB of storage;
  • a discount for ONLYOFFICE self-hosted solutions;
  • free ONLYOFFICE Home Server.
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