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How to use two-factor authentication on portals?


Wish to protect the data stored on your portal and prevent any unauthorized access? Then make use of an extra security level enabling the two-factor authentication. In this case if someone decides to hack into your ONLYOFFICE account even having your password he will need your phone to access it.

This guide will explain how it works and how to enable this option.

Enable the two-factor authentication

To enable the two-factor authentication you must be the owner or full access administrator of the paid portal.

To set up the two-factor authentication,

  1. Enter your portal.
  2. Click the Settings Icon icon at the top of the page or open the Choose drop-down list next to the ONLYOFFICE logo and choose the Settings option.
  3. On the Security settings page open the Portal access section.
  4. Under the Two-factor authentication section click the Enable radiobutton.
  5. Click the Save button below the Two-factor authentication section.
How to use two-factor authentication on portals? How to use two-factor authentication on portals?

That's all. The two-factor authentication is enabled.

Buy an SMS-package

The quantity of the available SMS is displayed in the SMS package: field under the Two-factor authentication section:

SMS package: 45/60

where 45 is the quantity of the remaining SMS and 60 is the initial SMS quantity, calculated at the basis of the maximum active user number allowed by your pricing plan and equal to the maximum user number multiplied by two.

This initial package is provided one time only. But you can always buy an additional SMS package following these easy steps:

  1. click the Buy SMS-package link under the Two-factor authentication section,
  2. in the pop-up window select the SMS quantity you need to buy,
  3. click the Buy button.

After that you will be redirected to the Avangate payment page where you could pay for the selected SMS-package. Once your transaction is completed, the SMS quantity displayed under the Two-factor authentication section will change.

How to use two-factor authentication on portals? How to use two-factor authentication on portals?
When you are out of SMS, the two-factor authentication will be automatically disabled. Do not forget to buy an additional SMS package in good time.

Access your ONLYOFFICE account

When the two-factor authentication is enabled, the sign-in to the ONLYOFFICE account process will work a little bit differently and include two steps:

  • Step 1 - Enter your credentials: email and password as usual.
  • Step 2 - Enter a six-digit verification code received via SMS.
The sent code is valid for 10 minutes. To resend a verification code, use the Send code again button, but no more often than 5 times per 5 minutes.

When you access your ONLYOFFICE account for the first time after enabling the two-factor authentication, you will need to perform one more step: Specify the phone number you wish the SMS to be sent at. If necessary, you will be able to change it later at any moment on your profile page.

How to use two-factor authentication on portals? How to use two-factor authentication on portals?

To make the sign-in process more simple, ONLYOFFICE offers the possibility to remember that a particular browser was already successfully used for the two-factor authentication. So when you access your ONLYOFFICE account for the second time using the same browser, it will ask you for your email and password only. But if you or someone else try to access your account from any other computer or browser, the verification code will be required. So your account will still be protected. The verification code will be also required when the two-factor authentication cookie has expired or if you decide to delete cookies from your browser.

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