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The Spreadsheet Editor allows you to maintain constant team-wide approach to work flow: share files and folders, collaborate on spreadsheets in real time, communicate right in the editor, save spreadsheet versions for future use.

In Spreadsheet Editor you can leave comments to the content of spreadsheets without actually editing it. Unlike chat messages, the comments stay until deleted.

Leaving comments and replying to them

To leave a comment,

  1. select a cell where you think there is an error or problem,
  2. switch to the Insert or Collaboration tab of the top toolbar and click the
    Comment button, or
    use the
    icon on the left sidebar to open the Comments panel, and either click the Add comment button in the top toolbar of the panel, or click the More symbol and choose the Add Comment to Document option to leave a comment to the whole spreadsheet, or
    right-click within the selected cell and select the Add Сomment option from the menu,
  3. enter the needed text,
  4. click the Add Comment/Add button.

If you are using the Strict co-editing mode, new comments added by other users will become visible only after you click the icon in the left upper corner of the top toolbar.

To view the comment, just click within the cell. You or any other user can answer to the added comment asking questions or reporting on the work he/she has done. For this purpose, use the Add Reply link, type in your reply text in the entry field and press the Reply button.

Disabling display of comments

The comment will be seen on the panel on the left. The orange triangle will appear in the upper right corner of the cell you commented. If you need to disable this feature,

  • click the File tab on the top toolbar,
  • select the Advanced Settings... option,
  • uncheck the Turn on display of the comments box.

In this case, the commented cells will be marked only if you click the Comments icon.

Managing comments

You can manage the added comments using the icons in the comment balloon or on the Comments panel on the left:

  • sort the added comments by clicking the
    • by date: Newest or Oldest
    • by author: Author from A to Z or Author from Z to A
    • by group: All or choose a certain group from the list. This sorting option is available if you are running a version that includes this functionality.

      Sort comments

  • edit the currently selected by clicking the
  • delete the currently selected by clicking the
  • close the currently selected discussion by clicking the
    icon if the task or problem you stated in your comment was solved, after that the discussion you opened with your comment gets the resolved status. To open it again, click the
    icon. If you want to hide resolved comments, click the File tab on the top toolbar, select the Advanced Settings... option, uncheck the Turn on display of the resolved comments box and click Apply. In this case the resolved comments will be highlighted only if you click the
  • if you want to manage comments in a bunch, open the Resolve drop-down menu on the Collaboration tab. Select one of the options for resolving comments: resolve current comments, resolve my comments or resolve all comments in the spreadsheet.

Adding mentions

You can only add mentions to the comments made to the spreadsheet content and not to the spreadsheet itself.

When entering comments, you can use the mentions feature that allows you to attract somebody's attention to the comment and send a notification to the mentioned user via email and Talk.

To add a mention,

  1. Enter the "+" or "@" sign anywhere in the comment text - a list of the portal users will open. To simplify the search process, you can start typing the required name in the comment field - the user list will change while you type.
  2. Select the necessary person from the list. If the file has not been shared with the mentioned user yet, the Sharing Settings window will open. The Read only access type is selected by default. Change it if necessary.
  3. Click OK.

The mentioned user will receive an email notification that they have been mentioned in a comment. If the file has been shared, the user will also receive a corresponding notification.

Removing comments

To remove comments,

  1. click the
    Remove button on the Collaboration tab of the top toolbar,
  2. select the necessary option from the menu:
    • Remove Current Comments - to remove the currently selected comment. If some replies have been added to the comment, all its replies will be removed as well.
    • Remove My Comments - to remove comments you added without removing comments added by other users. If some replies have been added to your comment, all its replies will be removed as well.
    • Remove All Comments - to remove all the comments in the spreadsheet that you and other users added.

To close the panel with comments, click the Comments icon on the left sidebar once again.

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