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Talk is an instant messenger that provides a real-time communication between the co-workers. It offers all the traditional features you expect from a messenger: history archiving, file transfer, multi-user chat support, search function, emoticons.

As a collaborative tool Talk helps to work together easier and achieve common goals. For an effective collaboration in addition to the basic functionality Talk offers the following features:

  • mailing list to send a message to many people at once,
  • chat room to create the conference in real time,
  • notifications to provide you with information about every change at your portal.

To access Talk just click the Talk icon available at the top of each portal page.

Using instant messenger

You can use Talk as a web client.

Talk can be accessed right from the portal. To start talking, just click the Talk icon available at anytime at the top of the page. The Talk window opens in a new tab. The messenger interface is divided into two sections: contact list formed by the users of your portal organized in groups to the left, chat window to the right.

Talk Window Talk Window

Exchanging instant text messages

To start using Talk and chat with your colleagues instantly:

  1. click the Talk icon at the top of the page,
  2. select the user you wish to talk,

    The Talk contact list is formed by the users of the portal divided into groups. It is automatically updated as users are added or removed.

    If the contact list is very long, you can hide offline users and view the online users only. To do that, click the Settings Settings icon icon above the contact list and turn on the Hide offline contacts switcher. To facilitate the search of your interlocutor, use the Find Contact field above the contact list and type in the name of the needed user.

  3. type in your message,
    You can easily change the size of the input field by dragging its top border.

    If you need to send a file click the Send File Send file icon below the Talk main area. Select the file you need and click the Open button. The file will be sent.

  4. click the Send button.

    You can choose either to use Ctrl+Enter or Enter to send messages. To choose one of the two available sending options, click the Settings Settings icon icon above the contact list and turn on or off the Send messages by Ctrl+Enter switcher.

To activate the pop-up notifications about the newly received messages in your browser, click the Settings Settings icon icon above the contact list and turn on the Notification in a browser switcher. Turn off this switcher if you don't want to receive the pop-up notifications. On the settings panel, you can also enable or disable sound notifications about events.

To search for a certain message in the history, open the conversation with the necessary user and click the Search Search icon icon located in the upper right corner - the search field opens. Type in the text you are searching for and press Enter. The found matches will be highlighted in yellow. Use the Previous Previous icon and Next Next icon buttons to navigate between them.

Send Message Send Message
The files you sent via Talk occupy some portal disk space. To free up disk space you can remove these files, but they will no longer be accessible through the links in the history for all the conversation participants.

To delete the files,

  1. Click the Settings Settings icon icon above the contact list.
  2. Click the Delete sent files link.
  3. In a new window that opens, select which files you want to delete: All files, Files sent more than a month ago, or Files sent more than a year ago.
  4. Click the Delete button.

Receiving portal notifications

Portal notifications are made to provide you with information about every change at your portal as well as remind you of some event. By default the notifications are received by email and Talk.

To change the notification type,

  1. click the link with your name at the very top,
  2. select the Profile option from the list,
  3. go to the Subscriptions section,
  4. click the Show link next to the Subscriptions,
  5. change the notification type of the needed subscription checking the necessary option next to the Notify via caption: Email, Talk or Telegram.
Notifications Notifications

If you no longer want to receive notifications, you can unsubscribe from them clicking the corresponding link. For more details please refer to this article.

Changing Talk Settings

Changing Talk settings

Using the Options Options icon icon in the upper left corner of the Talk window you can change its settings as well as remove sent files. After you click the 'Options' icon, the menu with the available options will appear:

  • Voices of events - turn on this switcher to receive sound notifications about the new messages.
  • Notification in a browser - turn on this switcher to receive the pop-up notifications.
  • List of contacts joining in groups - turn on this switcher to display contacts joining in groups.
  • Hide offline contacts - turn on this switcher to display online contacts only.
  • Send messages by Ctrl+Enter - turn on this switcher to change the default key combination used to send messages. When this switcher is turned off, you can send messages by pressing Enter.
  • Delete sent files - use this link to remove sent files and free up disk space.
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