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Filling Out a Form

A fillable form is an OFORM file. OFORM is a format for filling out template forms and downloading or printing the form after you have filled it out.

How to fill in a form:

  1. Open an OFORM file.


  2. Fill in all the required fields. The mandatory fields are marked with red stroke. Use
    Next Field on the top toolbar to navigate between fields, or click the field you wish to fill in.
  3. Use the Clear All Fields button Clear all form filling to empty all input fields.
  4. After you have filled in all the fields, click the Save as PDF button to save the form to your computer as a PDF file.
  5. Click
    in the top right corner of the toolbar for additional options. You can Print, Download as docx, or Download as pdf.

    More OFORM

    You can also change the form Interface theme by choosing Same as system, Light, Classic Light, Dark or Contrast Dark. Once the Dark or Contrast Dark interface theme is enabled, the Dark mode becomes available.

    Dark Mode Form

    Zoom allows to scale and to resize the page using the Fit to page, Fit to width and Zoom in or Zoom out options:


    • Fit to page allows to resize the page so that the screen displays the whole page.
    • Fit to width allows to resize the page so that the page scales to fit the width of the screen.
    • Zoom adjusting tool allows to zoom in and zoom out the page.

    Open file location when you need to browse the folder where the form is stored.

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