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Data import from Basecamp


Are you a Basecamp user, but wish to manage your existing projects at ONLYOFFICE collaboration platform? You can transfer all data stored in your Basecamp account into ONLYOFFICE. The move from Basecamp is seamless and takes a few minutes.

Bare Bones Instructions

Follow these simple steps to import data from your Basecamp account:

  1. Enter your portal.
  2. Click the Projects link on the start page.
  3. Click the Settings link at the left-side panel and select the Import option.
  4. On the 'Import from Basecamp' page, enter your Basecamp portal address into the Company URL field that should look like
  5. Enter your email address and password for your Basecamp account into the appropriate fields.
  6. Check the Choose projects from Basecamp for importing box if necessary.
  7. Check the Import closed tasks box if necessary.
  8. Check the Send email invitations to ONLYOFFICE to all portal users box if necessary.
  9. Check the Add users as guests box if necessary. In this case the added users will get view-only permissions and won't be included into the portal pricing.
  10. Read the 'Warning!' section and check the Yes, I understand it box to confirm that you've read this information.
  11. Click Start Importing and wait while the program transfers the data.

Please note, it's possible to import projects from the new Basecamp version only.

Helpful Hints

What does 'a private project' mean?

While transferring the projects from your Basecamp account bear in mind that they will be imported as private projects. It means: the projects will be available to the portal administrators only. The project managers and the members of the project team will get access to the corresponding projects only.

To make one of the imported projects available to all portal users,

  1. open the needed project clicking its title in the list
  2. click the Actions Icon icon next to the project title and select the Edit option
  3. find the 'Private Project' caption and uncheck the Save this project as private box
  4. click the Save Project button
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