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Community Edition One Click Installation

One Click Installation frequently asked questions

What is One Click Installation?

One Click Installation is used to automate the deployment process of online office Community Edition using the Docker container technology. Community Edition is an open source software that comprises Document Server, Community Server and Mail Server, all to resolve the collaboration issues for both small and medium-sized teams.

What are server requirements for One Click Installation to work correctly?

The server requirements for the successful One Click Installation work are:

  • RAM
    6 GB or more
  • CPU
    dual core 2 GHz or better
  • Swap file: at least 3 GB
  • HDD
    at least 40 GB of free space
  • OS
    amd64 Linux distribution with kernel version 3.10 or later
What if my operating system version is not supported?

If your operating system is not supported, you can either upgrade it manually prior to the installation or use One Click Installation to upgrade it for you. In the latter case all the data will be deleted from your server and you will need to restore it anew.

Why do you need access to my server?

We need know your credentials to access your server to be able to run scripts for installing Docker service and online office Community Edition that will be run on the server using the Docker service. Once the installation is complete and successful you can change the credentials and disable One Click Installation access to your server.

What does One Click Installation do to the server?

One Click Installation service connects to a remote Linux machine via SSH using the following provided user data: username with admin access rights, password or SSH key and the server IP address or full domain name, uploads the scripts and runs them. The complete list of the executed scripts and their actions can be found here.

Which ports must be opened for successful installation?

The following ports must be opened for successful installation: 80 and 443. If you choose to install the Mail Server, port 25 has got to be opened.

I want to install the Community and Document servers only. Is it possible not to install the Mail Server?

We recommend that you install Mail Server together with other components. In case you decide to install it later you will need to remove all previously installed ONLYOFFICE components for successful installation.

Are there source codes for One Click Installation available?

Yes, the source codes for One Click Installation are opened under the Apache v.2.0 license and available here.

I have more questions not answered here. Where can I ask them?

We constantly improve online office to deliver efficient solutions for your business needs. Therefore your feedback and suggestions are welcome. Feel free to visit our forum here.

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