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Save/print/download your spreadsheet

By default, Spreadsheet Editor automatically saves your file each 2 seconds when you work on it preventing your data loss in case of the unexpected program closing. If you co-edit the file in the Fast mode, the timer requests for updates 25 times a second and saves the changes if they have been made. When the file is being co-edited in the Strict mode, changes are automatically saved at 10-minute intervals. If you need, you can easily select the preferred co-editing mode or disable the Autosave feature on the Advanced Settings page.

To save your current spreadsheet manually,

  • click the Save Save icon icon at the top toolbar, or
  • use the Ctrl+S key combination, or
  • click the File tab of the top toolbar and select the Save option.

To download the resulting spreadsheet onto your computer hard disk drive,

  1. click the File tab of the top toolbar,
  2. select the Download as... option,
  3. choose one of the available formats depending on your needs: XLSX, PDF, ODS, CSV.

    Note: if you select the CSV format, all features (font formatting, formulas etc.) except the plain text will not be preserved in the CSV file. If you continue saving, the Choose CSV Options window will open. By default, Unicode (UTF-8) is used as the Encoding type. The default Delimiter is comma (,), but the following options are also available: semicolon (;), colon (:), Tab, Space and Other (this option allows you to set a custom delimiter character).

To print out the current spreadsheet,

  • click the Print Print icon icon at the top toolbar, or
  • use the Ctrl+P key combination, or
  • click the File tab of the top toolbar and select the Print option.

The Print Settings window will open, where you can change the default print settings. Click the Show Details button at the bottom of the window to display all the parameters.

Note: you can also adjust the print settings on the Advanced Settings... page: click the File tab of the top toolbar and follow Advanced Settings... >> Page Settings.
Some of these settings (page Margins, Orientation and Size) are also available at the Layout tab of the top toolbar.

Print Settings window

Here you can adjust the following parameters:

  • Print Range - specify what to print: the whole Current Sheet, All Sheets of your spreadsheet or previously selected range of cells (Selection),
  • Sheet Settings - specify individual print settings for each separate sheet, if you have selected the All Sheets option in the Print Range drop-down list,
  • Page Size - select one of the available sizes from the drop-down list,
  • Page Orientation - choose the Portrait option if you wish to print vertically on the page, or use the Landscape option to print horizontally,
  • Scaling - if you do not want some columns or rows to be printed on a second page, you can shrink sheet contents to fit it on one page selecting the corresponding option: Fit Sheet on One Page, Fit All Columns on One Page or Fit All Rows on One Page. Leave the Actual Size option to print the sheet without adjusting,
  • Margins - specify the distance between the worksheet data and the edges of the printed page changing the default sizes in the Top, Bottom, Left and Right fields,
  • Print - specify the worksheet elements to print checking the corresponding boxes: Print Gridlines and Print Row and Column Headings.

When the parameters are set, click the Save & Print button to apply the changes and close the window. After that a PDF file will be generated on the basis of the spreadsheet. You can open and print it out, or save onto your computer hard disk drive or removable medium to print it out later.

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