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Integration Edition FAQ

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What is Integration Edition?

For the organizations that need to extend the functionality of the corporately used software with Online Editors for documents, spreadsheets and presentations but find the GNU AGPL license unsuitable we released Integration Edition. That is a paid downloadable version of ONLYOFFICE Document Server distributed under a commercial proprietary license. It aims at organizations and businesses, whose policy doesn't favor public licensed software and who'd like to receive technical assistance.

What are the system requirements for the Integration Edition?

The system requirements for different versions of Integration Edition can be viewed at the following pages:

What license is applied for Integration Edition?

Integration Edition is distributed under the commercial proprietary license. The complete license text can be found here.

What is the difference between Community Edition and Integration Edition?

Integration Edition has advanced functions not present in Community Edition, can support any number of concurrent connections (only 20 for the open sourced version) and its price includes the support recommendations for the application and updates installations and ready-to-use connectors for the most popular services , like SharePoint, Nextcloud, ownCloud, Alfresco, Confluence etc.

What does Integration Edition support include?

Integration Edition support includes the following:

  • general questions on ONLYOFFICE functionality,
  • email recommendations on installation, installation updates, configuration.

The support is provided 9/5 with the initial response time 24 hours and is performed via a dedicated manager.

What is the price for Integration Edition?

You can always find the current pricing list for Integration Edition here.

If I want to buy not only Document Server but other components as well (Community Server, Mail Server, etc). Is that possible?

You can choose ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition suite of tools in that case. Our all-in-one solution includes Community Server, Document Server, Mail Server and Control Panel. You can find the current pricing list for Enterprise Edition here.

How do I get the license key for Integration Edition?

When you click the Buy Now button at the Integration Edition page, you will be redirected to the form where you can make a request for the Integration Edition. After that you will receive a mail message with the download and purchase links. After the payment is made, you will receive the mail message containing the license key file.

Does Integration Edition need an internet connection for proper functioning?

Integration Edition does not need an internet connection for regular day-to-day operations.

I have questions not listed here. Where I can ask them?

If you have more pre-sale questions please feel free to write to us at sales@onlyoffice.com. Questions concerning your purchased subscription to Integration Edition can be asked via server@onlyoffice.com