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How to add a watermark


If you need to add a lettering to indicate the document status (confidential, draft, etc.) or insert an image (for example, the logo of your company) behind the main text layer, use the Watermark tool of ONLYOFFICE Document Editor.

Step 1. Choose Watermark Type: Text or Image

  1. Go to the Layout tab located at the top of the toolbar.
  2. Click the Watermark icon:
  3. Step 1 Step 1
  4. Choose the Custom Watermark option to open a dialog window for the watermark tool.

    custom watermark - settings

  5. Depending on your preferences, choose Text watermark or Image watermark by checking a round box to the left.

Step 2. Configure Watermark Settings

Based on the watermark type chosen in Step 1, item 4, configure the following settings:

For Text Watermark:

  • Choose the preferable Language.
  • Type in the Text you need or pick one from the ready-made samples.
  • Adjust the Font (including its size, colour, decoration). Check the Semitransparent box if needed.
  • Set the Layout.

For Image Watermark:

  • Upload the image either From File if you have it on your drive or From URL if you have an external link to the image. For portals, the option From Storage is also available.
  • Scale the image (50% / 100% / 150% / 200% / 500%). Look at the small window to the right for a preview of your watermark image.

Once configured, click OK to apply the settings.

Step 3. Edit / Remove a Watermark

Go to the Layout tab located at the top of the toolbar and click on the Watermark icon:

layout tab - watermark layout tab - watermark

To edit a watermark, choose the Custom Watermark option:

  • Change the settings (see Step 2).
  • Click OK to apply the changes.

To remove a watermark, choose the Remove Watermark option.

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