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Languages available at your portal

Want to know what languages you can switch your portal to? Need to find out what languages will be available in the nearest future? Or want to contribute to ONLYOFFICE translation? Just have a look at the tables below!

Languages already available on the portals

Language Locale Completion Rate1 SaaS Server

Languages not yet available on the portals

Language Locale Completion Rate1 SaaS Server


1 Completion rate given in percent shows the translation performance into one of the available languages. 100% means that everything at your portal is already translated. 50% means that the half of the portal interface is still available in English. 0% means that there were translators who wanted to contribute to translation in this language but couldn't start translating for some unknown reason. The completion rate values were rounded up.

- Languages you can select in the languages list on the customization page at your portal. The instruction on how to change the portal language can be found in this tip.

- Languages that are being translated into and can't be found in the languages list at your portal yet.

Helpful Hints

How to change the current portal language?

Please refer to this page to read the detailed instructions on how to switch to another language at your portal.

What if I need a language that isn't available at portal yet? Is there any way to speed up the translation process into one of the languages that is already in progress?

The only way is to participate in the translation! If you'd like to contribute, please read this guide on how to become a ONLYOFFICE translator or write to us at

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