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Rebranding your office using White Label feature

If you want to use the online office under your own brand, you can easily replace branding elements used in the online office interface with your own ones. The Rebranding feature provided by the Control Panel allows you to use your company name in the text elements (such as tooltips, message boxes etc.) as well as replace the default favicon and logos with your own logo.

To access Control Panel, sign in to your portal and click the 'Control Panel' link on the Start Page. Alternatively, you can go to the portal 'Settings' and click the 'Control Panel' link on the left-side panel.

Bare Bones Instructions

  1. In the Control Panel, open the Rebranding page.
    Rebranding page Rebranding page
  2. Enter your Company name in the text entry field to change all the titles and messages in the online office interface where the default value is used replacing it with the one you specified. Click the USE AS LOGO button to the right of the entry field if you want to use your company name as a text logo (instead of an image logo) - all the logos below will change correspondingly.
    Rebranding page Rebranding page
  3. Replace all the image Logos which appear in the online office:
    We recommended that you use images in the PNG format with a transparent background. To improve your logos legibility and make their outline clearly distinguishable, you also need to optimize them for use on dark or light backgrounds. The image sizes must strictly correspond to the sizes specified next to each logo.
    • Logo for the editor headers (172x40) - this logo appears in the upper left corner of the online editors launched.
    • Logo for mail notification messages (432x70) - this logo appears in the upper left corner of email notifications about the portal events.
    • Logo for the portal header (284x46) - this logo appears in the upper left corner of every portal page.
    • Logo for the About/Login page and editor embedded mode (432x70) - this logo appears on the Sign In page of the portal, the About page (user profile -> About this program) and in the upper left corner of your portal documents embedded into web pages.
    • Favicon (32x32) - this logo appears in the address bar or tab of a web browser when the portal is opened in it, or on the bookmarks panel if you've added the portal address to the bookmarks.

    Click the CHANGE button to the right of the logo you want to replace. In the window that opens, browse for the necessary image file and click the Open button. The image will be loaded and displayed in the corresponding Logo field.

  4. click the SAVE button at the bottom of the page to make the parameters you set take effect.
    Rebranding - saving Rebranding - saving

To return to the default settings, click the RESTORE DEFAULT button.

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