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How to add Mail Server to Enterprise Edition installation?

If you've installed Enterprise Edition on your server using the provided Docker script, but decided to skip the Mail Server installation for some reasons, you can do that at any time, as Control Panel offers you the most quick and easy way to install Mail Server.

To access Control Panel, sign in to your portal and click the 'Control Panel' link on the Start Page. Alternatively, you can go to the portal 'Settings' and click the 'Control Panel' link on the left-side panel.

Bare Bones Instructions

  1. In the Control Panel, open the Update page. On this page, you can see the list of all the Enterprise Edition components with the indication of their statuses (Installed), as well as Current and the latest Available versions.

    Scroll the page down until the Mail Server section appears. The Not installed caption is displayed in place of the current component version. Click the INSTALL button next to its latest available version.

    Install Mail Server Install Mail Server
  2. The Mail Server setup window will open. In the Mail Server service domain name entry field, specify the service domain name that will be used for Mail Server and click the OK button to start the installation process.
    Your domain that will be used for maintaining correspondence must be valid and configured for this machine (i.e. it should have the appropriate A record in the DNS settings that points your domain name to the IP address of the machine where Mail Server is installed).
    The Mail Server service domain is usually specified in the MX record of the domain that will be used for maintaining correspondence. As a rule, this service domain looks like
    Specify Domain Name Specify Domain Name
  3. After that your Control Panel and portal will be restarted and become unavailable during this process. It can take up to 5 minutes. Once the installation is complete, the Mail Server component will acquire the Installed status on the Update page. You can scroll up and click the GO TO PORTAL button.

    On the portal Start Page, click the Mail Server link to go to the Mail module. Expand the Settings section on the left-side panel and make sure that the Mail Server item is now available.

    To learn more on how to configure your domain, please refer to these instructions.

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