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Document Review

When somebody shares a file with you that has review permissions, you need to use the document Review feature.

If you are the reviewer, then you can use the Review option to review the document, change the sentences, phrases and other page elements, correct spelling, and do other things to the document without actually editing it. All your changes will be recorded and shown to the person who sent the document to you.

If you are the person who sends the file for the review, you will need to display all the changes which were made to it, view and either accept or reject them.

In either case the Review is enabled with the help of the Review button button in the right lower corner at the status bar. You can click the Review button to enable both Track Changes and Changes Panel options, or use the arrow next to it to select which options you want to be enabled.

Once selected the Changes Panel is displayed:

Review panel

Note: it is not necessary for the reviewer to display the Changes Panel, the Track Changes option is enabled by default and cannot be disabled when the document is shared with review only access rights.

To accept the changes use the appropriate Changes Panel menu option (Accept) or the Accept Accept button button of the change notification.

Note: if you review the document please do not use Accept as your changes will not be visible to anyone else.

Use the To Previous Change button To Previous Change and the To Next Change button To Next Change buttons to navigate among the changes or use the the Accept Current Change menu option of the Changes Panel to progress from one change to another. To quickly accept all the changes, the Accept All Changes menu option of the Changes Panel can be used.

To reject the current change click the Reject button Reject button or use the Reject Current Change menu option of the Changes Panel and move on to the next available change. To quickly reject all the changes, the Reject All Changes menu option of the Changes Panel can be used.

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