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How to install Desktop Editors for Windows to your computer?

Desktop Editorsv.4.2 Desktop Editors changelog

Version 4.2.2

Release date: 02/16/2017


All Editors

  • Prevent editors from performing the save operation if there are no changes to save.
  • Fixed a rare problem occurring when saving a file with a specific chart type.
  • Fixed the problems with copy-paste functions.

Document Editor

  • Fixed the problem with the changes missing when several users enter the text at the same time (bug #33726)
  • Fixed the bug with the cursor positioning after the InsertContent function is used.

Spreadsheet Editor

  • Fixed the wrong order of elements in equations (bug #34029).
  • Fixed entering the characters with diacritical symbols (bug #33908)
  • Fixed the horizontal scroll when using a trackpad (bug #27197)
  • Fixed error occurring when assembling files with Ranges in some rare cases.
  • Fixed errors occurring when converting from the XLSX to the CSV format.
  • Fixed the Match formula return value in some cases (bug #33735)

Presentation Editor

  • Fixed a problem occurring when saving a file with the notes copied from Document Editor;
  • Fixed a problem occurring when saving a file with a chart copied from Presentation Editor.

Version 4.2.1

Release date: 12/20/2016

New Features

All Editors

  • Added the possibility to set a dash type for shapes;
  • Better support of HiDPI systems.

Document Editor

  • Added the possibility to open and edit footnotes;
  • Ability to insert number of pages into the document;
  • Remade version history. Added the possibility to hide minor features.

Spreadsheet Editor

  • Added the possibility to insert equations in Spreadsheet Editor;
  • Added the possibility to open and edit sparklines;
  • Added a new SUMIFS function;
  • Added the possibility to select data from the drop-down menu in the context menu;
  • Added a multiselection support;
  • Added the rotation of 3D charts;
  • Updated and improved the visual styles for all chart types;
  • Brought back the Freeze Panes option in the View Settings menu;
  • Added the new algorithm for calculating a cell height.

Presentation Editor

  • Added the possibility to insert equations in Presentation Editor.


Document Editor

  • Fixed the broken Insert number of pages button;
  • Fixed the problem with the last hieroglyph duplicate;
  • Fixed the problem with changing the chart type from 2D to 3D.

Spreadsheet Editor

  • Fixed the problem with an empty cell when changing sparklines.


  • Improved compatibility with the DOC format.

The desktop version of online editors does not require constant connection to the internet and can work with offline files on your computer. So if you prefer this, you can download and install the desktop editors from our website.

Download the latest version

The latest version of Desktop Editors can be always downloaded using the links on our website here. You will need to choose the installation application depending on the Windows version installed on your computer:

  • Windows 32-bit - in case you have a 32-bit version of Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 installed;
  • Windows 64-bit - in case you have a 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 installed.
    Please note that in case you have a 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows XP installed, you can use the 32-bit application version with it.

After you press the selected download button some of the browsers will suggest you select the download folder. Select it and the download process will start.

Once the download is finished, you can proceed with the installation.

Installing Desktop Editors

Run the dowloaded .exe file. The installation wizard will start and guide you through the installation steps.

You might need administrator permissions or extended user permissions to install applications on your computer. If these permissions are controled by your system administrator, contact him/her to be able to continue the installation.

You will need to accept the user license agreement, choose the place for the program on your computer hard disk (or leave the default one), create (or reject creation of) the icon on your desktop.

After all the actions are completed, the installation process itself will start. It might take some time (up to several minutes) depending on your computer speed.

Running Desktop Editors

Once the installation is over, you can choose to run the editors right from the installation wizard.

In case you prefer to launch them later, you can always find the editors in your computer Start menu - Programs - ONLYOFFICE - ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors.

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