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Use the Find and Replace function

Search for certain text

  1. tap the Tools icon Tools icon in the right corner of the top toolbar,
  2. tap the Find icon Find and Replace option to activate the Find panel,

    Search panel

  3. if necessary, you can specify search parameters by tapping the Search options icon Search Options icon on the left.

    The Find and Replace settings panel opens. Turn on the necessary switchers:

    Search options panel

    • Case sensitive - is used to find only the occurrences typed in the same case as your inquiry (e.g. if your inquiry is 'Editor' and this option is selected, such words as 'editor' or 'EDITOR' etc. will not be found).
    • Highlight results - is used to highlight all the found occurrences of the required text in yellow.

    When ready, tap Done.

  4. enter your inquiry into the data entry field,

    Search panel

  5. use arrow buttons to navigate through the found occurrences towards the beginning of the document (if you tap the Left arrow button icon) or towards the end of the document (if you tap the Right arrow button icon) from the current position.

    To clear your inquiry, use the Clear your inquiry icon to the right of the entry field.

Replace the found matches

  1. tap the Search options icon Search Options icon on the left to open the Find and Replace settings panel,
  2. tap the Find and Replace menu item, change the search parameters, if necessary, and tap Done. The Find panel will change:

    Find and Replace panel

  3. enter the replacement text into the second data entry field,
  4. use arrow buttons to navigate through the found occurrences and tap Replace to replace the currently selected occurrence,
  5. to replace all the found occurrences, hold the Replace caption next to the entry field until the menu with the Replace All option appears, then tap it.

Exit the Find mode

To close the Find panel, tap within the document area.

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